Need To Short Sell Your Home? Choose The Right Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent That CaresMany people ask us “Why do I need a real estate agent when I could save thousands of dollars selling my Myrtle Beach home myself?” This is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and a good real estate agent will be your guide.

How Do I Know That A Real Estate Agent Will Work In My Best Interest?

Being in a position that you need to short sell your home is frustrating and stressful. Some of the questions you may be ask yourself are:

  • How do I know that a real estate agent is really working for me?
  • Is the agent going to be too busy for me?
  • Does the real estate agent have integrity?
  • Is the agent going to spend as much effort on the sale of my home that I would expend if I was doing this myself?

One of the most important aspects of your sale is making sure that you are comfortable with the real estate agent you select to represent you. You want to feel so comfortable that you will be able to say “no” when an offer isn’t just right.

You don’t need a real estate agent that is intimidating but at the same time you need a business person with a good attitude. One that is assertive and professional in their dealings with you and other agents.

Think of choosing a real estate agent at this critical time in the same way you would choose a doctor or lawyer during a time of crisis. You want a professional that has the best outcome for you in mind.

The interview process for a real estate agent is about finding an agent that is familiar with your neighborhood, fully understands the short sale process and most importantly, someone that makes you feel comfortable. Most agents will do a presentation for you when you ask them for an interview. This is a business procedure and often times an agent will click into presentation mode immediately.

You will want to get passed this rehearsed presentation and get to know the person. You want to feel that they understand your wants and needs before you conclude the interview. Most agents will think about their reputations and therefore have integrity. But you want to make sure that the sale of your home as quickly as possible is not their only objective.

Ask About A The Sales Record Of The Real Estate Agent

Even in a down economy there are agents that have outstanding sales records. You will want to ask about their sales history. Most agents won’t mind giving you a few of their recent sales with references that you can check. Call of few of the references and ask how the agent handle the sale and the homeowner involved in the sale.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. How long was the home on the market? How many times as the price of the home reduced and why? Was the home listed as a short sale? Did the agent seem to know how to handle a short sale?

A few of the other questions you should be asking a real estate agent are: Did the real estate agent have a marketing plan for the sale of the house? Was the plan followed during the listing period? What courses has the agent taken that qualifies them to handle a distressed sale?

Listen closely to the agent’s tone of voice. Are they talking in a disinterested monotone? Do you find their voice to be relaxing? Do they sound excited about your listing? Each person is more comfortable with a different tone of voice. Make sure that you are satisfied with how you are treated during the interview.

Ask questions that will help you gauge the agent’s negotiating skills. Discuss commission and the bottom line selling price for your home. You need to feel comfortable discussing with your real estate agent. One way to judge these skills is to try and negotiate a lower commission rate and see how the agent explains their response. If the agent can convince you their rate is fair and that they will work hard to earn the stated rate, then they will be able to convince someone else to listen to their viewpoint then they are negotiating for you.

All of these questions and the time taken for a good interview will give you the ability to judge if the real estate agent is the right person for you. When you are in a short sale situation, you need to choose someone you can trust and is going to work hard for you.

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