Short Sale Tips

What Do You Need To Know About Short Sales

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Myrtle Beach short sales used to be regarded as a bit of a no-no to eliminate home mortgage obligations, however today with the housing uncertainty and the present economic challenges, they are once again not only more accepted , but happening more often. There are plenty of property owners who have discovered the exact help they will need to stay in decent position with the financial institution as well as rescue their credit rating by doing a Myrtle Beach short sale. This takes place when property foreclosure is upon you and impending ....

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Short Sales Have New Guidelines

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Millions of Americans now find themselves in a situation where they owe more on their mortgage than their homes are worth. The years of 2011-2012 have become dubbed as “the years of short sales.” In the first 6 months of 2012 alone, there were almost 39,000 short sales completed by Fannie Mae. The Federal Housing Finance Agency has very recently announced that there will be new guidelines for mortgage lenders. All programs for short sales will be combined into one program, making it more streamlined. These new rules will let homeowners see...

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FAQ’s About Short Sales

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If you’ve been around the real estate world at all, or even listened to TV and radio commercials, you’ve probably heard about short sales. They seem to be a big commodity in today’s market, yet many buyers and sellers often wonder what it really means and how the short sale process takes place. Here are some FAQ’s that will answer some of the most common questions. Exactly What Is A Short Sale? A short sale happens when a home is sold for less than the existing amount of the loan. If the lender accepts a payoff that is discounted...

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Things To Know Before Buying Myrtle Beach Short Sale

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Many people today are using the internet to find “hot” deals in the Myrtle Beach short sale market. When you think you have spotted that perfect Myrtle Beach short sale that really interests you, take a minute to step away from the computer and call a Myrtle Beach real estate agent. They can research the sale and make sure it is truly a good buy. In many instances a short sale will not close and in some markets it is as few as 1 in 10. There are several factors that much take place, including the approval of the lender, before the sale can...

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Myrtle Beach Short Sale – Close Quickly

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Have you found yourself in a short sale situation? The best advice we can give you is to close as quickly as possible. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a letter of approval from the mortgage holder and the green light to close by a set date, this does not mean that things won’t change. The mortgage company will usually honor the approval agreement if you can close by the specified time, however, circumstances and terms can change which will necessitate getting an extension. How can an extension affect a short sale? Let me explain this...

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Short Sale 101: Everything You Need To Know In Making A Short Sale

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When debt owed on a property exceeds its total cost, sellers usually have two options: making a short sale or having the house foreclosed. While most sellers will choose to walk away and leave the house for foreclosure, others will want to consider making a short sale. Depending on the condition of the house and the debt owed, a short sale may be a better option than walking away. But, of course, there are also some risks to it. This article will talk about the basics of short sales including its advantages and disadvantages to both seller...

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What First Time Buyers Need To Know About Short Sales

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If you are looking to make money on real estate, now is the time to consider short sales. It’s a buyers’ market so even if you don’t have experience in buying or investing in real estate, you can profit from the market by renting houses, real estate flipping, or by buying short sales. The best route to take if you are a first time home buyer is through short sales. Properties offered at short sales are usually those properties that are at risk of being foreclosed. Instead of letting the house enter into foreclosure the mortgage...

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Commentary: FHFA’s Senseless Arm’s-Length Policy on Short Sales

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JP Real Estate Experts wants you our valued followers to be in the know with what is going on in the news about short sales. Below is an article by Senator Elizabeth Warren on short sales that we thought you would find interesting. Commentary: FHFA’s Senseless Arm’s-Length Policy on Short Sales As our nation struggles to emerge from the worst recession in decades, the last thing a government agency should do is make it more difficult for Americans to stay in their homes. Unfortunately, that is exactly what the Federal Housing Finance...

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Top Three Characteristics Of Myrtle Beach Short Sales For Profit

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Most professionals say the easiest way to make money on real estate is to invest on Myrtle Beach short sales. On the other hand, dealing with short sales does not always involve a simple and challenge-free road. These challenges often include long waiting periods, persuading lenders, and going back and forth to both seller and lender. Despite all this, you can still ensure a smooth short sale transaction simply by preparing ahead of time and by knowing which short sale properties to invest on. Here are the top three characteristics of a...

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Start Real Estate Investing With Myrtle Beach Short Sales

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Lots of information about Myrtle Beach short sales can be found online. While most real estate professionals will point you toward targeting foreclosures, you can also consider short sales for your property investing ventures. Similarly to foreclosures, short sales have great potential for significant profits. Getting to know a Myrtle Beach short sale Basically, a short sale happens when a property is at risk of foreclosure. It is generally an attempt to avoid that option – which is a lengthy and tedious process requiring time and...

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